NEW ORLEANS by Anthony Presti & Leah Van Duke

The brand new single “New Orleans”, is full of lightness and momentum. Anthony Presti and Leah Van Dyke use vocal techniques borrowed from folk indie music, transforming the track into a soothing country ballad.

‘New Orleans’ is a stunningly rich and mellow track that rivals the best folk songs. The way the song sways between chords and Leah’s voice follows the guitar is mesmerising. Anthony Presti has really managed to create a streamlined sound, he is able to float around acoustic guitar and make simple but flowing chords work around him and ‘New Orleans’ is the best example of that.

Overall, I am very impressed with the balance, the acoustic guitars doing their own thing and the duo working together harmoniously. ‘New Orleans’ is firmly in the country genre and has a strong acoustic guitar line that immediately catches the eye and stays with the listener throughout. Anthony and Leah’s vocal performances are full of soul, depth and a rich, and form an amazing chemistry together.

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