Florida-based songwriter and entertainer Matt Powell, known by his stage moniker Qwiet Type, has been blowing up streaming platforms with a unique mix of indie rock and beat-driven electropop that teems with positive energy.

Inspired by a broad range of genres, his pure vocals are reminiscent of pop icon Phil Collins, stretching relaxed, euphoric melodies across compelling percussion. Through dynamic arrangements and optimistic lyrics, Qwiet Type urges listeners to ride out the bad times until the good times return. With an edgy attitude and touch of mystery, ‘Try Not To Notice‘ by Qwiet Type is a head-turning piece of Alternative Rock.

This new tune opens modestly with an acoustic guitar riff before jumping into a heavy groove fit for the dance floor. Overall, ‘Try Not To Notice‘ by Qwiet Type is a killer new Alternative Rock tune that will either have you dancing by yourself, or going for that girl. ‘Try Not To Notice’ left us wanting more. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such an exciting artist.

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