KALIMBA by Anaïsa⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Raised between two cultures in a violent home: Anaïsa always felt out of place and moved out at the age of 13. As a confident young woman she always had trouble fitting in: too loud, too demanding, too emotional, too aggressive, too sexy.

She has been working as a professional singer since 2014 and was told on many occasions she was not skinny enough to be on stage. But Anaïsa is not to be stopped by her experiences. She finds her home in pop music and comes to terms with everything that moves her in her lyrics. The message of her music is loud and clear “I am powerful, I am female and I do whatever the hell I want.”

Her new song ‘Kalimba’ describes an exciting night in which a woman talks about her need for closeness. The beat is driving, the vocals sensual and playful. Anaïsa has attitude and edge and she invites you to her party. It’s fun here, and interesting, even if it is cheekily but It’s definetly worth traversing through the neon lights.

Connect with Anaïsa via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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