BEE FREE by New Element Music

Musician, producer and composer Manu, known as New Element Music, has released a brand new track ‘BE FREE‘. A deep, charming, uninhibited dance release made for the dance floors of the club scene.

“BE FREE” brings the listener in an unexpected direction right from the start and takes the familiar sound to a whole new dimension. New Element Music pays special attention to the dynamics of the track. The song starts with light percussions, synthetic keyboards and then increases with sharp beats and catchy vocals. The sensual vocals in the track make the neon synth atmosphere even more convincing and cinematic.

‘BE FREE‘ imperceptibly puts you in a state of hypnosis, and a variety of vocal parts and synthesised instrumental transitions keep you listening to the song over and over again. New Element Music has released one of his most exciting works to date. It’s time to revisit and rethink the state of pop music. New Element Music is an excellent representative of EDM music and deserves your admiration.

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