STAY FOR ONE MORE NIGHT by Goodvibes Sound

Goodvibes Sound is composed of Angus and Alex, who came together over groovy basslines and writing songs for people to dance to.

Goodvibes Sound is not afraid to add experimental psycho-pop to the rich mix, moulding it into a beautifully crafted noise palette of lush chords that wilt around the motif and atmospheric sounds caressing the ears. In ‘Stay For One More Night‘ every second is filled with perfectly crafted sound that creates the perfect neon party for you until dawn.

The title track ‘Stay For One More Night,‘ from LP ‘The Institute,‘ is saturated with a slight melancholy, which is especially felt through the dreamy vocals.
The song saturates with a serene bedroom-pop atmosphere, is a gentle tones created by a subtly weaving melody of bright synths, aesthetic percussions, guitars and sensual vocals. By the way, you better check out their debut album ‘The Institute‘. It’s a superb complete of 16 songs, and if there’s one album that will never be forgotten in 2022 – it will be this.

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