SWELTR are a two piece band from the North Dublin region, officially announced to the world on Thursday the 27th of October and released the debut single on Halloween October 31st.

There’s something grungy and Soungarden-esque about their three-minute song. ‘What’s It Gonna Be?‘ seems to go straight into full swing, and it’s all a bit disordered and angry. The vocals have a dissonance to them, which means they hit the right notes. The guitars know exactly when to add power through, builds itself to a ferocious explosion that feels earnt and satisfying. That’s what makes the charm and the sound that SWELTR create.

I love their slightly punk style which makes the drums loud and booming as it gives extra punch to the guitars and the lead vocals Overall, the debut single utterly kick ass. It’s a roaring celebration of angry noise wrapped up in a 3-minute rock ruckus, with clever hooks and just enough mini tweaks in the production. ‘What’s It Gonna Be?‘ by SWELTR has quickly become part of our ROCK playlist!

Connect with SWELTR via Isntagram, Twitter, Facebook

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