ECSTASY by Antonio Sky

Antonio Sky’s debut single ‘ECSTASY‘ is one of the most compelling pop debuts of the year. The new release has absorbed all the amazing traditions of the genre.

Antonio SKY’s new track ‘ECSTASY‘ uses danceable touches of pop beats that will take you to the wilderness of imagination or to the dance floor. ‘ECSTASY‘ is a great track of crystal clear electropop. A good combination of drums and poppy synths is accompanied by a memorable vocal and a nice catchy chorus. The singing is beautiful and that backing vocals harmony in the chorus grabs the ear and leaves you wanting more.

Antonio SKY has definitely arrived with this debut single and I’m on the look out for more. His blend of indie pop and delightful lyrics is really worth watching. With every listen the song grow more and more cohesive and you lose yourself in the simplicity. He’s able to command all these different elements together and make really radio-friendly sound that makes sense and surprises.

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