HER MAJESTY by The Corduroy Blue

Atlanta based rock band, The Corduroy Blue, is composed of two brothers, Atticus & Luke Roness. The brothers have their musical sensibilities and knack for showmanship rooted in rock & roll.

Being raised on the likes of The Clash, Bowie, Queen and The Beatles, the duo was drawn to take to the stage and write tunes of their own. The hope and the goal is to perform the record across the country, exciting old fans, and making new ones. Her Majesty is the final single by relatively obscure power pop band, The Corduroy Blue. Final as in the last single until their debut album drops, but final is a very fitting word for this track.

With its triumphant string and horns section, the soaring harmonies, and beatle-sequel melody, ‘Her Majesty‘ give the feeling of an epic finale. It takes you on the journey of the cycles of a romantic relationship, split into 4 acts. The beautiful 90s rock-inspired lead melodies remind of bands such as Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and add some pleasant tonal complexity to the mix, without sounding too classical.

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