HARD TO BE WOMAN by Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde’s love for music does not have the typical story woven into her life.

Years of crafting and creating yielded a collective of songs like: “Hard To Be A Woman”, “You Became God”, and her upcoming single “Kansas City Sunset.” There is a lot of depth to Atomic Blonde’s story, and her songs explore the inner depth’s of her life. Her new single “Hard To Be A Woman” captures the image of a woman in a toxic relationship. When she is pushed too far she begins “brewing the perfect storm”, as the lyrics state.

She doesn’t fall easily. She fights for what is right. Eventually, she won’t remain quiet. The song kicks off with a bluesy-rock rhythm that showcases the Blonde’s melodic prowess as vocals float atop ambient synthesizers and a pulsing rhythm section. On its surface, the “Hard To Be A Woman” serves as a radio-friendly indie-pop song belying its nature as a subtle introduction to the Atomic Blonde’s music.

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