WE’LL HAVE A GOOD TIME by Murphy Smith

We’ll Have a Good Time, a song written by an artist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and cat dad Murphy Smith, is one of the finest moments in indie music.

Debut single perfectly marries Smith’s inspirations with a modern feel and it fits flawlessly alongside the classics here. We’ll Have a Good Time is a song that makes you feel warm and sunny during these cold and difficult times. It’s both a celebration of the sounds and one of the best productions and mixes I have ever heard. That instrumental bridge at the end of the song… just wow! The musicians from the “Glass Bandit” also took part in the recording of the single, so it’s pretty exciting.

There’s something quite ethereal about the execution despite the very jazzy nature of the track. Murphy Smith is the best at what he does and his debut single is a true music, with incredible quality tune and all. The production is booming, the beat is grooving, and the melodies are devilishly catchy. I would like to see what he has in store for us across the future. In the meantime enjoy We’ll Have a Good Time, the single is out now.

Connect with Murphy Smith via Instagram

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