I LOVE YOU, DWAYNE by Miranda Joan

Miranda Joan is a Canadian soul-pop singer and songwriter born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver. Currently based in Brooklyn, Joan maintains strong roots in Canada.

Joan divides her time between countries and it was her university studies in Jazz that originally brought her to New York, a city whose grittiness and intensity has influenced her artistry as profoundly as her bi-coastal upbringing. The fluidity that came with growing up along the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver and the joy-de-vivre and creativity that Montreal exuded continue to shape Joan personally, artistically and spiritually.

Entitled ‘I Love You, Dwayne, the single is a slow jam love dedication to Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. The song taps into a different side of Miranda’s personality with this playful and comedic tribute to the life and career of the wrestler turned actor. I Love You, Dwayne stands out with a light, bright sound, even with a situational deepening into personal topics. Miranda’s voice is soft and sexy, giving the song a sense of intimacy.

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