HOME (IS IT TRUE?) by Velvet Beach

Velvet Beach’s brand new single ‘Home (Is It True?)’ is a dream-pop song that invites you to escape from reality into fabulous distances and spaces.

‘Home (Is It True?)’ is an attempt to move away from the overpowering guitar parts and towards a synth sound. However, the sound triggers of the guitars continue to captivate the listener. In ‘Home (Is It True?)’, the flow at every moment serves as a conduit for the emotional world Velvet Beach wants to share. The vocals sometimes intentionally fade into the background to create the necessary background effect.

The structure of the track is bright and surprisingly delicate. Clusters of synthpop samples layered on a mid-tempo beat surround the listener with a metaphorical haze. ‘Home (Is It True?)’ is pure dream and relaxation. Somehow it feels like a timeless nostalgic ballad, and I like that a lot. This is a landmark piece of work from Velvet Beach that’s easy to include in any playlist. And yes, this song is the best way to taste Velvet Beach’s music.

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