FOREVER LOVE by Sparxsea

Portland, Maine indie folk-pop artist Sparxsea, aka Chelsea Toussaint’s new single ‘Forever Love‘ is a gentle and moving ode to love and the changing seasons of our lives.

Sparxsea heals us and herself with her soulful voice and dark story of hope and healing. This song was written in the aftermath of a codependent and tumultuous seven-year relationship, and brought to life by the sympathetically emotive drumwork of Jerome Deupree (Morphine), the tender classical guitar picking of Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band) and the steady hand of producers Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, TheWorst) and Will Holland (Pixies).

Sparsea’s poignant lyricism flows through lush guitars and accompanying piano lines, proving her to be a dynamic and accomplished songsmith. Her chorus of is a battlecry to herself to find stability, mental health and freedom. With this new single, Sparxsea becomes more independent and showing more of her own unique voice.

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