THE RIVERMAN by Andy Smythe

‘The Riverman’ by Andy Smythe combines strange forms of indie acoustics and the rebellious spirit of rock music.

There’s something extremely familiar and serene about the latest musical delivery from Andy Smythe. Brand new single ‘The Riverman’ is a lovely acoustic rock track that showcases all the things that make Andy Smythe really shine. His simple melodies, gentle sway and unconstrained lyrics all culminate in a beautiful performance. Everything about it feels original and at same time familiar. ‘The Riverman’ is a nice mix of guitar work and vocal harmonies as well as an excellent string arrangement from Chris Payne.

Andy Smythe style is hard to classify but mixes in various genres such as rock, americana and classic pop that ultimately feels like it draws a lot of influence from the The Beatles, Roy Orbison and Bruce Springsteen. Andy’s vocals are the center attraction as hi carry the most infectious melodies in the song. This is a great song for anyone who enjoys classic rock with hints of nostalgia.

Want to know more about Andy Smythe and his new single? Сheck out our exclusive interview.

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