POWER LINES by Dover Lynn Fox

Mixing elements of indie-pop, folk, and rock, she creates a distinctive sound that drives her stormy, sincere lyrics. Her heart lies in narrative, focusing on crafting a unique story for each song.

‘Power Lines’ was written on a rainy day with rolls of thunder and flashes of lightning as a backdrop. It came in a flurry and was on the page in a matter of minutes. It is all about stream of consciousness. It is a flood of thoughts and emotions brought on by betrayal. The song is a tapestry of heartache, anger, yearning, disappointment and ultimately rising above.

With ‘Power Lines‘, you will ride a wave of emotions propelled by a dramatic arrangement and brazen lyrics. Dover’s voice soars over the “power lines” she sings of, always in perfect balance with the instrumentation. Dover Lynn Fox chose a refined palette of instrumentation and then paint tones for a song. It’s a simple and beautiful song and you can certainly enjoy it.

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