Noah George Clegg is a British singer-songwriter from Leeds, UK, known as “Cleggy”, has released a new single ‘Providence Green”.

‘Providence Green’ has all the qualities of a future emotionally charged rock hit with elements of college rock and punk. The new single is expressive, varied, full of deep guitar parts and organically woven vocals. The band is full of energy and strive to create haunting and modern music, with personal, almost intimate lyrics and an unbridled atmosphere that captivates the listener.

‘Providence Green’ absolutely meets my expectations and delivers the uniqueness of indie music that I’m greatly fond of. Like any listener, I’ve has some preferences in terms of the rock songs, but overall Cleggy’s songwriting and delivery at the highest level. Noah has picked up on the shades of carefree, relationships and love incredibly aptly. In addition, the band shows great chemistry to give the listener a well-executed song with many feel-good and rock flavors.

Want to know more about Cleggy and their new single? Сheck out our exclusive interview.

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