HINDSIGHT by Kaiyah Mercedes

Kaiyah Mercedes is a 16-year-old who seems to be a few years ahead of her time when it comes to music. Her debut album ‘Hindsight’ is full of adult thoughts, experiences and memories. Located in Melbourne, Australia, Kaiyah wrote the album throughout 2020 – 2021, with the perspective of looking back into the past and dissecting memories of things that are better understood after they have happened.

‘Hindsight’ – her first effort. Is an impressive debut, containing everything from reverb-acoustic guitar, to soft piano keyboards, which is nice and cozy. The album itself does not stay acoustic for long. There’s a lot of variety and enough elements to keep you engaged. Even though some of Kaiyah’s songs on the album are about her mental health, friendship and love, she manages to create a perfect connection between nostalgic emotions and the mostly acoustic music.

Across the ‘Hindsight’ twelve tracks, Kaiyah is able to keep a tender and gentle mood, and her clear voice invades your space to not leave you alone for the next 49 minutes. The title track ‘Hindsight’ is a light reminder of the cool air before dawn. When you have not woken up yet, but you can already feel what lies ahead. The song is like an autumn fairy tale – the production on the guitar and vocals feels like a timeless folk piece. There’s melancholy and longing in every note, and the title track exploits that perfectly.

In the second track ‘After Summer Ends’, Kaiyah does not shy away from experimentation, adding dirty electric guitars and mysterious backing vocals. The track ends with clashing cymbals like the best jazz improvisations.

When writing this album, I found a unique sense of calm after so much hurt’. says Kaiyah. ‘I was able to look back and understand all that I’d been through by writing about my experiences and healing through the words. I wrote these songs for myself, a kind of therapy, but I hope other people can listen to my songs and relate, and learn to heal too’.

‘Beautiful Things’ and ‘Something Real’ are sensual pop that does not hold back. Gentle drum samples with classical piano, synthesizers and emotional vocals break the heart. The tracks are well produced and filled with emotions to the brim. Turn on ‘Beautiful Things’ if you need to think or go through a difficult moment in your life. It can heal you. ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is the final chord of your sadness. Pure piano, strings and Kaley’s sensual voice sound like the soundtrack to a heartbreaking movie. All the songs on the album have a mix of light and sparkling guitar and bass runs and slow, glassy rumbles of synths.

‘The Days We Remember’ is a pleasant, warm and soothing song. Clear sound, perfect rhythm and soft vocals like a cup of hot tea after a cold winter. The song works so wonderfully because all the elements work together that you feel like you are in a dream. Kaiyah’s soulful voice adds a tangible emotional surprise to the music.

‘I Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore’ will heal the wounds after you accept your pain. Kaiyah returns to rock motifs. She professionally combines two of the most difficult directions in music. That’s why the track sounds like the anthem for your prom.

The next three songs are indicators of the quality of the album’s composition. The penultimate track ‘We Ran Anyway’ draws a logical conclusion.
The ‘Hindsight’ story ends. You are calm and free. Time for the last chord. ‘Red String’ hints that we will hear more music from Kaiyah Mercedes.

On the ‘Hindsight’ you can hear acoustic folk compositions, pop-rock ballads, musical improvisations, lyrical pop tracks. It is worth listening to this album and finding new meanings. The LP feels like a confession, like Kaiyah’s meticulous personal diary, and that’s why it draws you in.

Connect with Kaiyah Mercedes via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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