Canadian-Australian singer-songwriter Monique Angele has released her new Christmas single, ‘Sing Together On Christmas’ which mixes operatic vocal technique with a superbly crafted instrumental.

People never really stop listening to Christmas music. Whenever November rolls around, I turn on my Christmas playlist and get to listening. There’s just something special about it, that strange mix of joy and a little sadness that comes with the season. Monique Angele’s single ‘Sing Together On Christmas’ captivates with its versatility and lightness, evoking a special Christmas mood.

Particular attention is paid to the vocals, which create the whole atmosphere of the song. Angelic, yet powerful vocal delivery by Monique Angele, lets the piano and drums to flutter side by side, creating an uplifting, festive Christmas mood. From the melody to the harmonies, the track is outstanding and magical. The new single from Monique Angele is impeccable and filled with a flow of tenderness and emotionality.

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