Lauren Reno is an American country music artist, songwriter, and musician. Born in rural Nevada, apart of the Cherokee Indian Tribe and a Gold Miner’s Daughter.

She spent her early 20’s writing songs, performing wineries, honky tonks, and working long shifts at the local Gold Mine. Lauren is known for her big powerhouse vocals and “old soul” songwriting. Critics have best described Lauren’s music as “outlaw” country with Americana-Folk roots. Her fans have said, Lauren knows how to blend the “old and the new” perfectly for a sound that contemporary country music has been longing to hear again.

‘Bottle’s Worth A Dime’ has a swing in the feel that makes it contagious to listen to. Usually, Lauren write extremely sad songs or moody songs, so when she co-wrote “Bottle’s” it was cool to tap into a different part of my writing. ‘Bottle’s Worth A Dime’ shakes up its pop with light country echoes and sexy movements. So watch very closely for more Lauren’s lancing hugs.

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