EAST TEXAS by Natalie Prauser

Natalie Prauser blends the introspection of the 60’s Laurel Canyon folk scene with the attitude of 70’s outlaw country. Whiskey infused lyrics combine loving, leaving, and honky tonk debauchery with a morning after self-awareness that longs for stability.

A Kansas native, Natalie began playing in bars at the tender age of fourteen, and was a recipient of an American Songwriters Award in 2015. With an interest in both lyrical and visual storytelling, she recently graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a filmmaking degree. In addition to frequent Midwestern shows, Natalie recently released her first full-length solo album, entitled “Til the Sun Comes Up,” on 11/1/22.

The album was produced by Marty Bush and featuring Devon Teran on pedal steel, and Marty Bush on electric guitar, baritone, and drums. Natalie is currently on a US tour through the rest of 2022. The track ‘East Texas’ is filled with the feeling and magic of the country genre. Listening to the rhythm and voice of Natalie involuntarily plunges into memories of the sunset at the ranch of friends. ‘East Texas’ will evoke the warmest memories of the bright days of your life.

Connect with Natalie Prauser via Instagram

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