TAKE A DIVE by The Dust Collectors

The Dust Collectors are proof that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you all along. After years of playing separately in different bands, the four-piece evolved organically, quickly moving from garage jams to song-writing in a matter of weeks.

Calgary, Canada folk-rock band, The Dust Collectors, make their debut with boot-stomping single “Take A Dive”. A song made for boot stomping and beer-spilling cheers’, leans heavily into sea shanty roots. Songwriter Luke Giblin drew inspiration from various stories of 1920s Irish immigrants in America – who made a living prize-fighting and sometimes fixing boxing fights through the Mob.

As clever in its storytelling as it is musically catchy, The Dust Collectors sing in their signature four-part harmonies through the song’s refrain: “Take a dive, take a dive, swallow all your stupid pride, now is not the time to be a better man. The song’s atmosphere is unique, the energy is amazing. The Dust Collectorst brings a great variety ofstyles to country music that keeps you coming back for more.

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