MOVIES by Glosser

Born from beyond the comfort zone, Riley Fanning and Corbin Sheehan elevate their shimmering aesthetics into a gleaming new form.

Forged by musical intimacy of two in Washington D.C., GLOSSER has developed a pop sound that stands on the shoulders of greats. The pair (led by Fanning’s voice and mind), sought to condense their lighter-than-air sound into something worthy of the dance floor. Inspired by the likes of Phantogram, Lorde and Beach House, the new record combines worlds, creating a dreamscape injected with visceral truth.

“Movies” has more an epic build to it, showcasing Riley’s vocals, with a cathartic mood to its cascading chorus. The vocal mixing is excellent and the production is polished, creative and brought this track to a quite high level. Is a talented duo and they sound is outstanding but still within the indie genre. Love what they brought to the table and I excited to hear upcoming album.

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