Blue Lupin, the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Joanna Wolfe, returns with new grunge-laden shoegaze single ‘Surface of the Sun’.

Built around the lyrical refrain “do you love me when I’m not around?”, ‘Surface Of The Sun’ shows a grittier & grungier edge to Blue Lupin’s sound following her etherial dream-pop debut ‘Soak’, which picked up extensive tastemaker support upon its release in September. Joanna explains, “Surface of the Sun is a song about a toxic relationship and really testing the limits of what you can handle.

Equally at home crafting honest, thoughtful shoegazy grunge or atmospheric, reverb-drenched, ethereal dreampop, Blue Lupin is enigmatic, but only in challenging the norms of identity within music. Having saturated the instrumental component with direct tempos and voluminous guitars, as if drum sounds resonating in a fog, Blue Lupin pushed the vocal part forward. The record turned out to be measured, not overloaded with details, and in places even meditative.

Connect with Blue Lupin via Instagram, Twiiter

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