Hailing from Syracuse, New York, they call themselves “America’s sorriest power trio” — at once a superlative and a Primus-like self-own befitting of the strange, tongue-in-cheek musicians at the group’s core.

Trauma Cat are equal parts band and absurdist performance art troupe. Co-fronted by guitarist Ralph Kojig and bassist Roman Pando with drummer Rutger DiBoyere, Trauma Cat’s sound is the bastard child of Cake and Tool, or a modern American answer to XTC — a collage of art rock and progressive rock with shades of post-punk, shoegaze, and powerpop.

Since 2021, Trauma Cat have dropped several singles, each one exploring new sonic textures and variations on the theme of truth. Brand new Christmas single ‘There’s No Such Thing’ is a catchy, funny, holiday-themed pop-punk song about Santa Claus. Definitely Trauma Cat has an amazing passion for their music. We really love the band’s style and we are looking forward to the new tracks. Try it and be sure to listen to it in our Rock Playlist.

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