WAKING UP by James Python

James Python an independent musician from Brazil has released a single called ‘Waking up’. A unique composition that combines acoustic performance with exciting vocal elements and ambient sound.

The ambient space in ‘Waking up’ is brought to the forefront to create a full immersion in your ears. Birds, the sound of an approaching wave and sea foam are just the tip of the iceberg. When you listen to ‘Waking up’ it’s like diving underwater to see and hear an incomparable new world. From the warm and rich melodies to James’ powerfull voice – it is the song of peace and calm.

In ‘Waking up’ actually you have a carefully crafted a diverse palette of sound and I hope James explores this melodic pop rock style further in the future. If you need something relaxed in the style of pop rock, you are well served by ‘Waking up’. The rhythmic pattern is impeccable. The song has energy, it motivates you to keep going, not to despair, and is ideal for long walks with headphones or a morning jog.

Want to know more about James and his new single? Сheck out our exclusive interview.

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