CELLS by 3000 A.D

3000 A.D are a crossover thrash metal band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Guitarist Sam Pryor, bassist Scott Austin and drummer Hellmore Bones formed the band to fuse their passion for Thrash Metal, 80’s Punk Rock and bleak, dystopian, futuristic imagery.

Bright, unstoppable and crushing ‘Cells’ will tear your brain into small pieces, then to pick it up and trample it again. A great Hardcore Punk that should be on repeat in your playlist. The Void (the bands debut album) was recorded in studios in Hollywood, California and Auckland, New Zealand.

Award winning engineer and producer Clint Murphy mixed the album, and it was mastered at the iconic Sterling Sound in New York City. In the short time they have been together 3000 A.D have toured across New Zealand and gained airplay on several major radio stations. Now looking to expand their horizons further, the 3 piece are set to tour Eastern Europe for the first time in support of their new album ‘The Void’.

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