PONDER by Marina & the Kats

Marina & The Kats trademark: a totally independent sound that grabs the songs by the scruff of the neck and ensures that no one will be leaving the venue without their groove on.

This sound is clear to hear in the songs on their new album, which the band recorded over the last few months with founder members Marina and Thomas at the helm. Their new record ‘Different’ is, on the one hand, as coarse as it is frank, infused with a reassuringly rough and ready swagger. The single ‘Ponder’ from the new album ‘Different’ by Marina & the Kats is about quiestioning your existence and at the same time strongly exclaiming your individuality.

Sweet nougat of jazz and drive can hook any listener. High quality sound hypnotizes until the end of the song. ‘Ponder’ is the pearl that can send you back to the 50s and swirl with smoke and cabaret colors. A beautiful composition with elements of modern pop music will make your day and leave a sweet aftertaste.

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