TRIGGERS by Reality Suite

Formed in North Haledon, New Jersey by childhood friends Brian King (drums,) Antonio Valenti (bass,) and Joe Padula (guitars) – their ambitions have been to produce heavy, melodic rock.

After several male and female vocalists, Kimmii Heart had joined in 2013 establishing the definitive line-up known today worldwide. In September of 2015, the self-produced debut full length ”Skinn” was released. A unique sound to global rock fans, it was secretly a greatest hits album capitalizing on Reality Suite’s most popular songs from previous EPs.

New single ‘Triggers’ tempt you back to tendencies that you’ve separated from. Triggers can also paralyze your reason to understand what’s best for you. Whether it be unhealthy coping mechanisms or even outside pressures, something is always around the corner trying to influence your judgement. Stunning voice and the production mesh together perfectly which makes the chorus sparkle and catchy. ‘Triggers’ is a unique experience from start to finish, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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