DEAR KARMA by Felicia Lu

Felicia Lu is a 26 year-old singer/songwriter from Germany, now based in Vienna, Austria. With graceful chorus and sexy pulsations, Felicia weaves a story with irresistible movements in her new single ‘Dear Karma’.

Felicia Lu writes and performs her own music, conceptualises it and implements it visually in her music videos and cover art. In addition, she designs her own works of art, dances and finds herself in almost all areas of art. An elegant combination of light pop vocals and pumping beats. ‘Dear Karma’ tells the story of being wronged in the past and taking revenge.

Felicia Lu is a multi-talent when it comes to music in all forms. This is the definition of music in all its glory: when quality meets individual sound. The production of ‘Dear Karma’ is intelligent and professional, raising this track to a whole new level. Perfect minimalism from Felicia Lu, combining glamorous pop culture, electro-pop and multi-layered arrangement drive.

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