16-year-old artist KALI, full name Kali Flanagan, shares her debut song and video. “Back To The Start” is the perfect introduction to the singer and multi-instrumentalist.

A prodigy of sorts, KALI grew up playing recitals and covering Beatles songs, taking private lessons with music teachers and going to after school music programs, and even taking songwriting masterclasses to nourish her passion. In 2017, KALI assembled her first band, Big Wednesday. Intuitive and eager, she taught herself how to use Garageband and began writing and demoing songs that she would later teach her bandmates for their shows.

Heartwarmingly lush and intuitive, ‘Back To The Start’ beautifully soundtracks the accompanying visual co-directed by KALI, Zealand Yancy and Sophia Ziskin, which captures the joy of being a teenager as KALI drives around the city with her friends. If you like light pop that caresses your ears, if you are sad and looking for something positive, then you have come to the right place. ‘Back To The Start’ is definitely for you.

Connect with Kali via Instagram, Facebook

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