AP Tobler utilizes heavy riffs to tackle complex experiences like anxiety and depression. New single ‘Solemn Farewell’ is a heavy, melancholy track that describes AP Tobler feelings of emptiness and the notion that she never really present.

The singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist isn’t afraid to take the reins and record each layer of the composition themselves, allowing for a fully immersive experience into the music and world of AP Tobler. A top streamer and bedrock of AP Tobler’s sound is the track “Solemn Farewell” from their 2021 EP, Alternate Vision. Chugging guitars and a haunting riffs carry the steel wall that is Tobler’s voice.

The sardonic play with elongating specific words and phrases only carries more weight with the breakdown of the chorus. In truth, AP Tobler is a brilliant singer-songwriter, she has energy and ‘Solemn Farewell’ is definetly truly something special and deserves your attention. This song shows off all the melodic tones of AP Tobler’s soulful voice and shows how talented she is when it comes to writing punk rock songs.

Connect woth AP Tobler via Instagram, Twitter

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