GHOSTED ROAD by Jake Thistle

Based in New Jersey, singer/songwriter Jake Thistle has been entertaining audiences for years.

Jake, now 18, has been hired to perform in Europe and across the US, and for crowds of thousands at major music events. Along the way, Jake has personally raised over $100,000 for a variety of charitable organizations through an extensive range of fundraising performances, and has contributed music to events that raised millions.

‘Ghosted Road’ began less out of story and more from trying to paint a scene. It was legitimately written under a blinking traffic light outside a house Jake was staying at, so the song came from wanting to convey how lonely that atmosphere seemed at that time of night. The song is a continuation of Jake love of writing about roads, traveling, and the overall mystery of going to new places. So, what do we have? Classic americana pop melodies with jangling guitars, sturdy rhythms and excellent vocals, all of which is stuff that we love. Check it out.

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