Lucas Green returns to the music scene with a new release called ‘Heartstrings’. The single was released on December 9 and this song is not to be missed.

The second single ‘Heartstrings’ is filled with the magic of dreamy instruments through a veil of echoes. Lucas Green rethinks the production on the new release and takes it to a new level of sound. The classic acoustic guitar from the first single ‘Shuffling Cards’ is replaced with soulful pop-rock electric guitar sounds. Lucas Green shows the listener that he is a serious musician with big intentions.

With his soft, subdued and light voice, he is able to float around the acoustic instruments and let simple but fluid chords work around him. The track ‘Heartstrings’ can become the soundtrack of a dramatic scene in a romantic movie, or maybe the song will become the soundtrack of your happiest moment in your life. When the hooks and production match, ‘Heartstrings’ is a great easy listen. Perfect for laid back, reflective and chilled out moods. If you love that formula, then you will definitely like this song.

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