MINDFUL MATCHUP by Patrick Caruana

Patrick plays instrumental acoustic guitar music that blends a broad range of styles including rock, blues, folk, jazz, and funk.

He uses a fingerstyle technique to interweave melodic leads, catchy rhythmic elements, and moving bass lines. He’s eternally thankful to his friend for inviting him to a Tedeschi Trucks Band concert several years ago; it was an experience that reignited a passion for music that had never actually left him. The performance inspired him to not only revisit songs from his guitar heroes but also to develop an original sound and acoustic repertoire.

In his latest release ‘Mindful Matchup’, an acoustic rock-based tune, he created what he thinks of as a melodic-driven, “moody groove.” And what started as a simple middle morphed into a 2-part mash-up of folk rock and jazzy funk. Perfect for studying, driving, relaxing, working, or just getting deep into thought! Frankly, Patrick is a master of his craft and this instrumental piece allows him to shine.

Connect with Patrick Caruana via Twitter

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