Dylan Cox, 26, is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California and who lives in Paris, France. His music blends aching lyricim and room-filling melodies into deeply personal and poetic indie folk ballads.

Indie folk artist Dylan Cox, inspired by celestial chamber folk and intimate singer/songwriters, Cox introduces his own brand of emotive songwriting. Cox is also joined by co-producers Abraham Rounds and Sarah Walk, along with a host of collaborators who have played with rising singer/songwriters such as Blake Mills, Andrew Bird, Nick Hakim, and Ethan Gruska.

The string-backed chamber folk of “Animals in the Kitchen” brings cinematic heights and it almost veers into triumphant pop songwriting, with Cox delivering one of his most moving vocal performances. All throughout, Cox uses his songwriting to capture a sense of something transient and magical. No doubt that Dylan Cox will seduce your ears with the infectious melodies to the philosophical lyrical content, and his authentic singing voice.

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