BEST COVER ART 2022 | Nominees

We’re told not to judge a book by its cover just because it’s natural for us to do so anyway. We use this symbol to evaluate the potential quality of an art object. A beautiful cover suggests in the eyes of the buyer that the product underneath is truly of excellent quality.

Art on the cover helps records stand out on store shelves. Today, with virtually every song available to listen to and buy on services like iTunes or Spotify, the visual again plays a huge role in discovering new music. The cover is not just a beautiful application for the project, but also an ideal tool for interaction with the listener. 💙

Here are the nominees for the BEST COVER ART:

NEVER SAID by Everything But The Everything

ANNE-MARIE by Unstuck

DARK by Maria Krauss

HOME by Velvet Beach

VOID by The Isle Of CC


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