HOME by Cara Nicole

The new single ‘Home’ by Cara Nicole is a euphoria of sweet sound and almost invisible lightness.

Cara has managed to create a song filled with cinematography and visuals. The single ‘Home’ is the warmth in your home, dreamy thoughts before sleep and sensual embraces. It all starts with a guitar and a light haze in the background. The song becomes more and more saturated with the appearance of new acoustic instruments and vocal techniques. Cara is not afraid to mix genres, and so it seems that we are dealing with an acoustic folk song. However, everything changes in the chorus.

The drum beat part turn the sound towards pop music, and the song starts to play with new colors. You get the feeling that Cara is flirting with the listener and teasing him. This brings dynamics and rhythm into mix and makes the song ‘Home’ a real reference for a dreamy pop ballad.  As with most acoustic music, the success comes from the vocals. Cara Nicole’s lead vocals are soothing, inspiring and sweet. She gently pulls the all notes effortlessly, and carries the laid-back vibe. The track ‘Home’ by Cara Nicole should definitely be on the playlist of every music lover.

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