FLOAT by Oli

Singer-songwriter OLI is back with lush soundscapes and feel-good pop songwriting on the new single, ‘Float’.

London based artist’s powerful vocals pierce through the melancholic piano backing, forming a dancing melody that puts the layers of OLI’s incredible voice front and centre. ‘Float’ is the first new music to arrive from OLI since her acclaimed duet with Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan ‘Does That Hurt’, which was released earlier this year. Illustrating the feeling of drifting up and away, new single ‘Float’ is a melancholic love song for space. 

The song begins with intensity, the keys echoing as it progresses, swelling to an outburst of falsetto backing and peaceful rhythmic textures on the chorus. Lyrics filled with emotion and longing on “If I could float up I would see it all how I know I should” tackle the dreamlike aspect of the song as OLI incorporates themes of satisfaction, positivity, space, and wonder on the downbeat pop track. ‘Float’ is a catchy and unique song and we hope you love it as much as we do. Dive into the ‘Float’ experience right now.

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