THE ONLY ONE by Lee Miller Matsos

Influenced by the likes of U2, Coldplay and the Beatles, Lee Matsos has a light-hearted, cinematic sentiment executed in vibrant indie pop rock swirl of sound.

‘The Only One,’ like a book or a movie, manages easily to take the listener to another world. For those who are more interested in musical storytelling and rhythmic ambience, ‘The Only One’ is just the right track. The track’s clear composition is airy and absolutely light. ‘The Only One’ begins with classical piano chords and percussion. Lee Miller Matsos’ voice is open and soft, enhancing the pleasant acoustic wave in the ears.

By the chorus, the track evolves to give free rein to drums and guitars that take the sound to a new level of quality indie pop rock. Special attention is paid to the vocals. Sincere, sentimental, honest and introspective, Lee Miller Matsos astounds me with his beautiful vocals and wide range. ‘The Only One’ draws you in with its fabulous sentiments and takes you away on a fantastic journey that absorbs with each listen. Finally, the song teaches the listeners the most important thing – to believe in themselves, not to succumb to sadness and to dream…

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