RED LINES by Roni Bar Hadas

Roni Bar Hadas is a 27 year old singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist based in Tel Aviv. Roni’s debut album was received with love by listeners all over the world and its singles were added to the biggest radio playlists in Israel.

Growing up, songwriting became an inseparable part of finding her way in the world, and an escape route to satisfaction and comfort. After years of playing with various well-known artists around Israel, she burst onto the scene with her debut album ‘Calm the Beast’ in late 2020. After two years of exploring new creative directions, the 27 year old musician from Tel Aviv, Roni Bar Hadas is now unveiling the first single from her second album, a soulful, cross-genre piece called ‘Red Lines’.

Brand new single ‘Red Lines’ is the perfect track for a romantic movie scene. The gentle voice of Roni follows the music as if in a fog after the rain. The perfect combination of synth arrangements with sensual lyrics. With a velvety yet powerful voice, Roni opens up about her struggle with finding the balance between being entirely openhearted and losing herself in relationships. This is a mighty bittersweet song and I like it more and more with each listening. Superb.

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