Gold Coast based Indie-electronic duo Jay Bainbridge & Matt Bartlem are about to become your most played, with their new hit single, ‘Alone Together’.

Written in the midst of isolation, ‘Alone Together.’ is the perfect combination of nostalgic and current. If you haven’t heard Golding before, this song is the perfect introduction. The track was inspired by a moment Jay had with his wife in isolation. The single is a refreshing change from many tracks born in isolation. The pair have drawn inspiration for artists such as Alt-J & Phoenix to creative their unique style. Their intricate beat and suave harmonies are something the pair is becoming very well known for.

Jay and Matt just want to help contribute to people being able to unwind and escape from everything, even if it is just a few minutes at a time. The duo made us have to rewind the song over and over again the first time I heard it. Golding is one to watch for sure, they has an amazing passion and their music is different and deserves your attention. Check it.

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