The music of Jordan Prince derives from many influences. His roots are in traditional Folk, and as a Singer-Songwriter he enjoys telling stories through his music that people can connect to.

The themes of his music are as diverse as his styles, whether they are about heartbreak, experiences, imaginary friends, or death itself, there is commonly more than one meaning behind his words. When Jordan Prince began work on his deeply personal album, 12 Songs for 12 Friends, each song required special attention to detail in order to properly reflect the real person who’s story is behind the music.

One of the most difficult songs to get just right became what many listeners consider to be his most beautiful composition, Most Famous Surprise.‘ Written about what true, genuine love feels like, the journey of the text reminds us that “anything worth having is hard to keep.” Love is something that evolves between people over time. Jordan voice sounds with shades of dreaminess and escapism from the present to the past, where nostalgia creates colorful images. He managed to create an almost perfect synthesis of indie folk music.

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