DAWN by Stratuz

Without a doubt, Stratuz is the band to follow closely and listen to all them gloomy and darks tracks.

Stratuz is a Venezuelan Doom Death band formed in 1984. Their first demo was released in 1993. In 1998 Stratuz was invited to the “Festival del Sol” in Spain, together the band Stratovarius and at the same time the Spanish label Repulse Records included Stratuz to participate in the Repulsive Tour’98 throughout Spain and Portugal together with the bands Centinex and Anasarca.

Stratuz disbanded in 2006 and in 2019 after several attempts, they managed to consolidate and relaunch the band, making a brief live presentation as part of a documentary on the history of extreme metal in Venezuela. ‘Dawn‘ is one of the songs from the bran new album ‘Osculum Pacis’ that has been recorded during the pandemic. Multiplying the disturbing and doomy riffs, this song creates irresistible feelings. The band provides with the overall murky, occult mysticism and it absolutely works. Recommended.

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