YOU PICK ME UP by Stopher Secher

The new single ‘You Pick Me Up’ by Stopher Secher carries all the pleasantness and gentleness that the acoustic folk music of England offers.

Throughout the song you will be accompanied only by guitars and the unique voice of Stopher Secher. Stopher’s voice soars high and then drops back down. This makes me goosebumps. ‘You Pick Me Up’ is a small universe that never looks the same. It is always delightful to dream and calm down under pleasant music. I confess that I am pretty impressed by the song. The way how the song especially evoke an melancholy foreboding is superb.

Creating harmonies and rethinking the emotional part of the arrangement with guitars alone deserves a lot of respect. Stopher doesn’t need many tools to create the right mood. In my opinion, when a musician knows how to work with only one instrument and create a worthwhile piece, it’s a sign of a professional. ‘You Pick Me Up’ is written with love and a deep sense of caring. An excellent soundtrack to a romantic sad movie and, undoubtedly, the best gift for lovers of acoustic music. Fascinating.

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