Droja is a unique young producer who hears rhythm and music from the hidden world of art, and he proves it in the official remix of ‘Wild as the Wind’ by HULLAH.

Droja not only brought a spark of movement and brightness to the track ‘Wild as the Wind’, but also gave it an unexpected synth pop direction. Light samples in the background take me back to the 80’s and early 90’s, allowing me to completely surrender to the pleasant sound in my ears. Droja experiments with synth seeps and trance music rhythms. He boldly crosses the boundaries of the genre and creates a unique work.

The remix has nostalgic notes, detailed instrumental melodic technique and recognizable melancholic HULLAH’s vocals. Droja breathes new life into the track. I also admire Droja’s ability to hear the unseen world around the song and literally give it a new sound that emphasizes the quality and style that was originally established. The track now captures the vibe of an old school 90s groove, serene sounding synth pads sometimes complemented by danceable disco motifs. ‘Wild As The Wind Remix’ is a stylistic combination created with taste and attention to the original.

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