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Nicolette is an indie pop-inspired singer-songwriter from Gainesville, Florida. She writes songs about love, lose, struggle and hope. She release brand new single called ‘Arrived’ and Indie Boulevard wondered what inspired Nicolette to write this song, as well as talked about music, life and plans for the future.

IB: Hello Nicolette, it’s great that you took the time to chat with us about music. You broke into the indie music industry with your debut single ‘Robotic’ and now you are back with the brand new song “Arrived”. But how did you start your musical journey?

NICOLETTE: I started my music journey back in March of 2022, after going through a breakup of a four-year relationship. After the breakup, I realized I didn’t really know who I was and decided to rediscover myself and in turn, I rediscovered a dream/love, (music) that I tucked away for many years. I had been songwriting since the age of seven, but gave up my dream of pursing it, until then. I began performing at open mics, writing a new song every week, and finally decided to go to a studio to record and release my music. 

IB: Let’s talk more about the new song ‘Arrived’. First of all, congratulations on this release, it’s a very beautiful, gentle and at the same time downhearted track. How did the idea for this song come about?

NICOLETTE: The whole concept of “Arrived” came one night when pondering the question, “How did it come to this?” I wanted to create a song that could illustrate that feeling of knowing things are coming to an end, but so desperately trying to hold on and find a way to delay the inevitable. Because me and my ex lived in different cities, we spent a lot of time driving in the car together. That’s when I came up with that idea that “Arrived” would be about our finale drive back to my home.

IB: Stylistically, “Arrived” and “Robotic” are pretty similar. They are cinematic, unhurried pieces. How would you compare the creative process behind a new single to the previous release?

NICOLETTE: I would say the creative process behind both “Robotic” and “Arrived” were very similar, and actually were written just weeks apart from each other. Both were written on the floor of my bedroom with my little keyboard piano after late night thinking got the best of me.

IB: “Arrived” sounds very sad, there’s a melancholy in it, a sense of some kind of hopelessness. It’s as if the song was written during a severe depression. Have you ever experienced this state?

NICOLETTE: I have definitely experienced a state of severe depression. In fact, while writing most of my songs that I’ll be releasing in a future project, I was going through the darkest time of my life. I had just gone through a breakup of a four-year relationship after being cheated on with a mutual friend, lost several “friends”, and had to move to a new city. It felt like I lost everything that I worked so hard to build.

IB: You have two singles out yet your sound is already polished. I like the fact that they sound like they are all of a piece.Will you continue to develop this particular style that distinguishes you, or are you open to experimentation?

NICOLETTE: I am open to experimenting other sounds in the future, but for this project I’ve decided to keep a similar sound/style.

IB: Will there be a music video for the new single?

NICOLETTE: I am actually planning to put out a music video for “Arrived.” We are currently in the filming process, but we’re looking to wrap up in the coming weeks so an exact release date for the music video will be coming shortly!

IB: Open the secret, how do you manage to be so open and at the same time natural in front of your fans?

NICOLETTE: I always find comfort in authenticity and vulnerability. Because of that I try to not put on a mask that hides my thoughts, feelings, and personality. I believe the more open I am with my fans, the more comfort they can find in both me and my music, and the more we can connect on a personal level.

IB: You have a quite beautiful cover design, I also like the way you manage your Instagram. I confess that as a girl I love this aesthetic. Muted filters, cosiness, freedom and super bright colours. Is there anyone who inspires you to make an eclectic sense of style and how do you manage to stay on the wave of aesthetics?

NICOLETTE: I would say my biggest influence is Savannah Hudson from ‘Between Friends’. She has a very unique style that varies from colorful to dark and edgy. I love fashion so I’m always trying to stay up-to-date with styles that are in and revolve around my ideal vision for myself.

IB: I feel such an unusual cocktail of emotions in your music … I feel light, sad and comfortable at the same time. Is there a specific message you want your listeners to take away from your music?

NICOLETTE: I hope when someone listens to my music, they know they’re not alone. That no matter how chaotic, confusing, destructive, and painful life can be sometimes, you never have to go through it alone. I hope my words can find them and give them hope.

IB: And the last question. What’s next for your fans? The new single is already available on all platforms. Will there be another single? Or maybe a new album?

NICOLETTE: I am super excited to announce that there will be both more singles and a future album coming soon!

Single ‘Arrived’ by Nicolette available on all digital platforms. Read our review here.

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