BACKSEAT by Chloe Booth

Sincere, soulful, impossibly catchy and filled with crazy rock energy, unstoppable Chloe Booth tickles my eardrums with her brand new single ‘Backseat’.

Sonically, debut single ‘Backseat’ is a professional combination of Chloe’s smooth voice and bright pop-rock arrangement. The modern energy seems to connect with today’s audience, giving the song an alternative rock vibe. ‘Backseat’ has a tremendous richness of sound, and also, I will not shy away from this comparison, the reach of a stadium, and a really catchy chorus that is not easily forgotten. It’s that rush between drive and clarity that runs like a thread through the song.

I love how Chloe works with sound and transcends genre. The single has everything to claim the first lines of the pop-rock charts. Groovy drum rhythm, hazy guitars, confident voice and an atmosphere of freedom. This is a really great rock song. Also, it is the perfect example of how an artist can shine with a debut song. Anyone who needs to pump their veins with high reckless rock should include ‘Backseat’ to their music schedule. Definitely recommended.

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