CUT ME OUT by Arifas

American Hard Rock band Artifas was formed in 2011 in Jackson, TN by lead guitarist Cody Criswell and lead vocalist Scottie Somerville.

After two years of writing, recording, and mixing, Artifas has completed the new album, and plans to unleash it upon the world. With catchy guitar riffs, dizzying drums, and soaring melodies, Reflections will send you on an emotional journey, exploring the band’s semi-prog, radio rock sound while diving deeper into the human complex with lyrics centered around self awareness and the bands own struggles with mental health.

Staying true to the promise they made their fans, Artifas has been on hiatus since their last show in October 2019, working, learning, and preparing for the release of their new album and the beginning of a new chapter in the ArtiStory. Their crazy single ‘Cut Me Out’ has everything we love about punk rock. The band has made something truly interesting here. ‘Cut Me Out’ directly address the metalcore you might need. If you’re in the mood for some punk rock song, then this is just for you. Give this a spin right now!

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