COMEBACK by Tim Schou

Tim Schou is a singer-songwriter in the traditional sense, who writes and performs simple songs on his guitar about genuine feelings and real experiences.

He seeks inspiration by putting himself on the edge as he has given up many conformities of life for the sake of his music. He is usually on the move while crashing on peoples couches, although hotels, Air BnB, and even a mall has been the solution at times. As a performer, Tim is driven by the dynamic synergy of direct and immediate audience response, and as a songwriter, he always invest all his creativity in every session, which has made him quite popular among colleagues.

‘COMEBACK’ was written in a cottage on the Danish island of Bornholm together with producer and songwriter Andreas Ringblom during the summer of 2019. The song is about friendship and about growing apart as the years go by. However, at the same time the chorus radiates hope of a comeback and in so many ways, the single is a positive song about love for a friend. It has a throwback’ish pop vibe with a light 90ies touch but is keeping the singer/songwriter in focus by virtue of the strong vocals and acoustic guitar. Tim Schou is an experienced singer and deserves your attention. Must listen.

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