STAY IN by Cait

Cait is back with an infectious pop hit that will have you making your best at-home-margarita in no time.

A modern take on the classic singer/songwriter, Cait offers a hypnotic sensory escape to her listeners, somehow leaving them warmer, lighter, and painted with a subtle golden hue. Drawing on her experience as an in-demand visual artist and photographer, Cait pairs her brand of honest pop with dreamy atmospheres full of stunning imagery that is distinctly her own.

We guarantee you’ll find yourself dancing around your kitchen to lyrics like, “What if we stay in… and just get high & watch a season, we don’t need a reason.” Colorful guitars paired with Cait’s easy yet undeniable vocals is really all we need to forget the FOMO and kick it at home this summer. ‘Stay In’ is simply majestic and vintage, the glistening chimes of pop flow all over the track – almost giving it that bright glamour sparkle. Vocally it’s soothing and captivating with the ethereal tones offering the listener some much needed chillout vibes. I can easily see myself coming back to Cait’s music time and time again. Listen and see for yourself.

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